Breaking: Russia Hoax was Hillary’s Plan - Obama White House was Briefed - Granite Grok

Breaking: Russia Hoax was Hillary’s Plan – Obama White House was Briefed

Hillary Shaheen

Might this come up in the debate? John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, just declassified a document. It explains to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman that Hillary Clinton invented the Russia Hoax and that then CIA director John Brennan briefed the Obama White House.

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Barry O and Lunchbox Joe knew in July of 2016, long before the now-infamous January meeting? Surprise!

Ratcliff HIllary Russia Hoax doc


Long time readers are not surprised by any of this. We knew early on that the Clinton Campaign had paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele to gin up dirt on Trump with ties to Russia.

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You will also not be surprised by the wholesale dismissal of this release by the political left. They have denied it for four years; they are not about to stop now. But how long can they manage this crisis?

One of their last hopes was Trump’s taxes, and even the New York Times could not find a way to fabricate payments from Russians to Trump.

We also know the Durham investigation will not be seeking indictments before the election. That doe snot means that Ratcliff and others will not be declassifying incriminating material on regular bases over the remaining weeks before the election.

Gosh, I hope so.