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NH Issues Arrest Warrant for Another Double Voter

NH I voted twice 2

James O’Keefe really lit a fire under the DOJ. Last week they issued an arrest warrant for yet another double voter. This time, Sigmund Boganski is alleged to have knowingly voted in NH after voting in Arizona.

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Concord, NH – Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces an arrest warrant was issued for Sigmund Boganski, age 75, of Maricopa County, Arizona, and New Hampton, New Hampshire, charging him with one count of Voting in More than One State Prohibited, for voting in both New Hampton and Arizona during the November 2016 General Election.

Mr. Boganski was charged with a class B Felony for violating RSA 659:34-a for knowingly checking in at the checklist in New Hampton and casting a New Hampshire ballot, after having already cast a ballot in the same election in Arizona.


According to this report [reformatted], He [Boganski] is in the extradition process, said Attorney General spokesman Kate Giaquinto. “As far as we know, he’s still in custody (in Georgia),” she said.


Maricopa County includes the cities of both Phoenix and Mesa. Online telephone records list Boganski’s residences in Buckeye, Ariz., and in New Hampton at 22 Marshfield Woods Way.


But hey. No voter fraud. None Got it?