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NH CD2 Candidate Steve Negron Warms Up the Crowd for Trump in Manchester

Our good friend Steve Negron had the opportunity to speak at the Trump Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire today. He spoke for five minutes, and we’ve got it, and we hope you’ll watch it and share it.

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From top to the bottom of the ticket, every single race matters. And as I’ve noted elsewhere, this may be the best year to take back both CD-1 and CD-2. Interest is high, turnout will be strong, and the President needs every ally he can get.

As Steve Notes, Ann Kuster is probably a great person at home, but it is the votes that interest us. Nothing else matters, but how you cast votes. And Ann has been a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi. And more importantly, Ms. Kuster has not stepped up to denounce the violence that has destroyed minority communities, jobs, opportunities, and lives. All while claiming to champion their interests.

She has not defended the first responders in the law enforcement community. She doesn’t have their back. A situation which has only exacerbated the violence in these urban areas. How likely are you to put on your badge when you know that at the first opportunity, Democrats like Ann Kuster will toss you under the bus for their own political advantage?

That’s probably why Steve received the endorsement of the New Hampshire Police Association.

He has their back, and he has yours. Here’s Steve, part of the line up of speakers leading up to the President’s remarks in Manchester earlier today.