Morning: 'Grok Says Proud Boys Should Sue Joe Biden - Afternoon: Proud Boys Sue Joe Biden - Granite Grok

Morning: ‘Grok Says Proud Boys Should Sue Joe Biden – Afternoon: Proud Boys Sue Joe Biden

Proud Boys - Gavin McInnes

Yesterday Morning Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier (#LDFPS) shared evidence of the President recently denouncing White Supremacy. The same article notes that the Proud Boys should, like Kyle Rittenhouse, sue Joe Biden for framing them as white supremacists. They are suing.

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This is good news.

Anywhere from 10-20  percent of the Proud Boys membership is mixed race-minority. In other words, people of color. The Biden-Harris Ad white supremacy attack ad clearly depicts Kyle Rittenhouse and features the Proud Boys by name.

The Rittenhouse legal team announced their defamation suit Wednesday shortly after the ad went public. Proud Boys founder Gavin Mclnnes followed ‘suit’ yesterday, but he’s not just suing Biden.


I’m suing Joe Biden. I’m suing CNN. All of these reporters that call this multi-racial patriotic group White Supremacists and Nazis – as far as I’m concerned, that’s the new N-word. You call me a Nazi, that’s as bad as any other racial epithet. Those people killed 6 million Jews, and to call us that is a deep-seated insult.


And no, we are not taking credit for it happening. Still, we will pat ourselves on the back for (sort of) predicting it (or great minds thinking alike) and for making the case that we need more of this when Politicians and the corporate media take their closely held false-narratives and act like they are the keeper of revealed truths they must share.

Using their press pass to defame political opponents who are not actually public people. Making examples through propaganda pieces without fear of consequence.

As I noted in the Nick Sandmann Lawsuit(s) update this morning,


The goal here was not to destroy Nick Sandmann. They cared very little for him. He was just a pawn on their chessboard. The move was meant to send a message to anyone who dared to support the president openly. To sell that support as inseparable from their racism and bigotry narratives. To proactively suppress your speech.


Good-natured debate or disagreement s fine. Heck, angry, outraged disagreement is fine as long as it is not violent. But converting that into defamation on this scale has to stop. The Democrats and the corporate media have been playing fast and loose with the smear-tactics, and it’s starting to cost them.

In most cases it is someone else’s money, be it campaign money or corporate cash. That may not be enough of a motivation to stop doing it. You get fired, maybe, but someone else scoops you up because you are a liberal hero. Maybe earning more.

Put some people in prison.  That might get someone’s attention.

Here are McInnes’s full remarks.