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Joe Biden Centrist Democrat … No so Much

Joe Biden Centrist Democrat, well not so much

Joe Biden centrist Democrat is the party talking point. It is misleading in the extreme. Most people grasp President Trump is better for our economy than Joe Biden. They think that old Uncle Joe’s economic plan is relatively harmless.

That is only possible if you have not bothered to read it. If you do read it you will grok Biden’ economic agenda. It will endanger jobs, paychecks, or their retirement savings. Really, just read the Biden Plan. Read it for yourself “here”.

Let’s look at what’s actually in Biden’s economic plan. There is nothing centrist in this economic scheme. It is the most radical plan proposed by a major party presidential nominee in any of our lifetimes. Biden’s plan is further to the socialist left than any other past nominees. This includes people like Jimmy Carter, George McGovern, Barack Obama, or even Hillary Clinton. Here are the some Biden plan economic platform planks:

Higher Taxes… but how much?

First, Biden plans to implement the most significant tax increase in the history of America. He would raise taxes by some $4 trillion per year. That’s more than doubling taxes as they are now collected. This is an average rise in taxes over the next decade of some $35,000 per household. Can you afford that?

The plan increases small businesses taxes with income tax increase from 30% now to 51%. The capital gains tax would skyrocket from 24% to 40%. This will negatively impact the stock market. It will reduce every family’s retirement savings in America. This isn’t in America’s best interest.

Second, higher death taxes. The death tax is one of the most unfair taxes. We already pay a lifetime of income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and property taxes. The Biden tax scheme taxes 40% of a family farm, a ranch, or a family-owned business. This will require these legacy businesses to break up to pay the taxes. Government confiscation of small business isn’t in America’s best interest.

Third, Biden will do a $400 billion blue-state bailout. He wants states that have already balanced their budgets, like Arizona, Tennessee, and Florida, to bail out bankrupt blue states such as California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. That isn’t fair. This only rewards bad behavior. This endorses government lockdowns imposed by incompetent Democratic mayors and governors. This shifts the tax burden from blue states to red states. This isn’t in America’s best interest.

Mandatory union membership

The end of right-to-work laws in America. Biden’s plan forces millions of workers to join a union. In doing so they will be required to pay union dues. This is using the government to force you, whether you want to or not. Today, 26 states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas, have right-to-work laws that give workers the right to choose to join the union.

The National Right to Work Association warns: These state laws are effectively repealed under the Biden plan. Big Labor will snatch thousands of dollars from every workers’ paychecks without their consent. It isn’t in America’s best interest. Joe Biden centrist Democrat, well, maybe not so much.

End energy independence

The Biden plan ends U.S. energy independence. America is energy independent for the first time in at least 50 years. Biden insists he won’t ban fracking. But his energy platform, his agenda requires zero fossil fuels by 2035. This means hundreds of high-paying jobs lost in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. Saudi oil sheikhs and Russia love the Biden Plan. It isn’t in America’s best interest. Joe Biden centrist Democrat, well maybe not so much.

Funding the Paris Climate Treaty

Biden embraces the Paris climate treaty. The United States pulled out because almost none of the countries have come close to meeting their pollution targets. They want America to pay all the bills. Biden seems willing to pay the world’s bill for environmental regulation.

America is already reducing carbon emissions more than virtually any other nation. China and India are adding multiple times as much pollution into the atmosphere as America is. This isn’t in America’s best interest.

$15 Minimum wage

There is a $15-an-hour minimum wage. This will destroy millions of jobs for young people and low-skilled workers. It will damage poorer states with lower costs of living, such as Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Carolina. Can you think of a worse time to saddle small businesses and restaurants with higher costs? Firms are already facing bankruptcy due to the virus. This isn’t in America’s best interest.

Socialist Bernie Sanders and AOC embrace the Biden plan. Some economists worry that we could be looking at a second Great Depression. The Biden policies are not mainstream ideas. Uncle Joe isn’t only corrupt. Uncle Joe isn’t only a dementia patient. We need to grasp… Uncle Joe is a radical and a socialist with all the attendant policies. This is something to think about for the next two weeks. Please do some homework. Your future and your children’s future depend on it.