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Joe Biden Centrist Democrat, well not so much

Joe Biden Centrist Democrat … No so Much

Joe Biden centrist Democrat is the party talking point. It is misleading in the extreme. Most people grasp President Trump is better for our economy than Joe Biden. They think that old Uncle Joe’s economic plan is relatively harmless.

Wealth tax history in Europe

Wealth Tax History in Europe Is Instructive

Progressives love to point to Europe as an example for their policies. So let’s look there. In Europe, we find that the wealth tax as a policy has a fundamental flaw. Thirty years ago, 12 European countries had some form of wealth tax. Now, only three remain. Why is that?

Wealth tax is dangerous

Wealth Tax Is Dangerous and Will Not Increase Revenue

Wealth tax is dangerous to the economic present and future of states which implement it. States know their revenue streams have taken a hit. In New Hampshire, the shortfall will be half to three-quarters of a billion dollars. The upcoming legislative session will be a test.

Bad Tax Policy Causes Population Decline

Bad Tax Policy Causes Population Decline

Bad tax policy causes population decline. Don’t believe it look no further than Vermont. Vermont continued to lose population in 2019 which is not surprising. This population information comes from the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates of each state’s population. On July 1, Vermont had 623,989 residents, 400 fewer than a year earlier and 1,800 …

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Red Ink Rules

The federal government drools when it come to budgeting The federal deficit was $693 billion for the first half of fiscal year 2019. That is $94 billion more than the deficit recorded during the same period last year. By anybody’s numbers the deficit and our accumulated debt are too large. Quite simply our federal government …

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