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George Floyd: Judge Dismisses Third-Degree Murder Charge Against Derek Chauvin

George Floyd - Shrine for a career criminal

Before we light the torches (Molotovs) and grasp those pitchforks (bats and shields), Derek Chauvin is still facing second-degree murder and a manslaughter charge. Three other officers have six outstanding charges. But the 3rd Degree murder charge against Chauvin has been tossed.

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[Judge] Cahill’s ruling came in response to a motion by defense lawyers in the case to drop all of the charges, KARE-TV reported.

According to the station third-degree murder is rarely charged in Minnesota because it alleges murder without intent, which is more commonly tied to a manslaughter charge.

In his 107-page ruling, Cahill maintained it was his job to “view the evidence in the light most favorable to the state,” and the jury’s job to determine the guilt or innocence of the ex-officers.


It may be difficult to find for murder given that Floyd had self-administered a lethal dose of Fentanyl. In the absence of the alleged counterfeit bill, officer Chauvin, his the knee, and a viral video, George would have likely died on his own. No murals, no outrage.

He’d be another tragic COVID19 death statistic; a guy who died of something while having SARS CoV2 which is also systemically racist, or so the story goes.

And the militant left would have had to find some other felon to spark their rebellion. There have been plenty of options since so not much hope for change from where we are today.

Manslaughter seems plausible. The urge to take scalps has a way – for lack of a better term – to color the temperament of those involved. The billions of dollars in riot damage, the lost lives, and livelihoods, can’t be the only price paid.

And the Jury will most certainly be faced with threats and intimidation to find “guilty” as often and as harshly as the circumstances allow.

No, the system will not protect them either because it is not a perfect system, but its failures are overshadowed by how much better it is to all the alternatives especially any proposed by the radical left.

And I don’t think Derek Chauvin intended to cause serious harm to Mr. Floyd. Absent all other details, George did, however, die in police custody. That’s a problem for a jury unless an ME and the defense manage it effectively; how exactly is it their fault that the suspect was a walking dead man who happened to be in their possession when his time ran out?

The Black Lesbian Marxists don’t care because their agenda has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. The same goes for Antifa. They planned for war; this just happened to be the trigger. Their Archduke Franz Ferdinand, if you like.

Democrats could have stopped it, but they wanted it.

And here we are.

Where we end up is still a matter of debate, but it increasingly looks like the same people encouraging riots and chaos no longer want elections to be a remedy for what ails us.