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Facebook is Not a Publisher Even After They Fact Check an 11 sec. Video Three Times

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We are Yuge fans of Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers. Where third-party looks a lot like Lenin’s Glavlit. The Main Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs for the Soviet Socialist Republics. An office a few doors down and to the left from Zuckerbergermeisterberger.

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The corporate media can print demonstrably false or inaccurate garbage without fear while we get dinged for failing to provide disclaimers that something is a parody. So, imagine my surprise.

After posting this video clip on Facebook of Joe Biden saying he got to stay in his basement because black women stocked the grocery shelves, …


Biden black woman grocery shelves


They said it was true. Yup, he said that.


Biden did say this thing about black woman stocking grocery shelves


It was so important to the fact-checkers that they wanted people to know it was a fact? Hardly. It was a place holder if anything. They couldn’t go another day without coming back to add more insights.



Do you see what they did there? Sure, he said it, but now we realize you probably missed the nuance. There is some context that we can see that you need to know.

We need to tell you what to think about this, comrade.

It’s the same game concerning anything President Trump says. They’re still adding something, but what you thought was harmless or even motivating was actually racist, bigoted, or hateful.

Unlike clever Joe Biden whose parables demand translation by left-wing unbiased outside observers so that maskless mouthbreathing people in flyover country get their true meaning.

And yes, we got another visit from Facebook’s here’s another turd under your pillow Fact-check Fairy.


biden black grocery Missing context attached article

Here’s the link to Facebook, complete with all the published addendums by the non-publisher. Like it and share it while you’re there just to piss them off.

It’s one eleven second video. Three published clarifications by Facebook. But Facebook and it’s Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs are not publishers. They’re just a platform…for publishing.

Here’s the Biden video and don’t forget to clap for that, you stupid bastards.