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Facebook Doodlings – That’s Not How It Works, That’s Not How Any of That Works. Especially Socialism

Socialized Medicine

This is fairly quick – a comment left on our FB page in response to Rick Notkin’s post “Take Close Look at ‘Socialized’ Medicine and See if That’s What You Want.” She has NO idea what she’s talking about.

Maggie Maloney Scaduto: Hmm.. POTUS’s hospital bill is an example of socialized medicine. He’s not paying it and he doesn’t pay taxes!

Yeah, the last part first. It is clear that she has no idea how corporate taxation works and how that can filter back to personal taxes. Run a sole proprietorship and had a bad year this WuFly year and expenses were more than revenue? Yes, you had a loss and that amount can drop your taxes mightily. The converse is also true – and he has paid millions in taxes in those good years.

But it is the first part, the claim of Socialized medicine is completely wrong and wrongheaded:

GraniteGrok: He is a government employee and covered under its own self-coverage plan. I’ve worked in similar companies – they also self-insured but used “insurers” to manage the paperwork. That said, I’d be perfectly happy for all Government-Socialized healthcare plans to be canceled including that VA one with which our vets were deliberately killed (yes, I am wording it that way) in order to “earn” bonuses based on paperwork.

The Government created this mess (the hubris that a few could successfully control marketplaces consisting of millions of people and hundreds of millions of decisions a day) when it distorting the healthcare market with forced price and wage controls.

No, the President’s health care isn’t a case of socialized medicine. I have worked at companies that had their own medical people on staff – they controlled their healthcare costs that way.