Data Point - It is a V shaped recovery! CNN calls it "incomplete" - Granite Grok

Data Point – It is a V shaped recovery! CNN calls it “incomplete”

V Shaped Recovery

CNN just WISHES that the Biden-Obama years long recovery had looked like that. Of COURSE it’s “incomplete” but of COURSE, it’s like a rocket at liftoff (at least right now). What else would you think that the Never-Trumpers at CNN would say? Frankly, I am astounded that it is rising as fast as it is, especially in light of Democrat Governors still clamping down and hurting their own citizens economically. Yes, there is much room to be had for the unemployment rate nationally (although at 5.6% here in NH, that’s the “old” levels of “full employment” (if you can remember back before the Biden-Obama Administration).

Looking at the quarterly data alone, GDP grew 7.4% from the second to the third quarter, compared with a 9% decline between the first and second quarter.

It’s easy to destroy something – it’s hard to create or fix something that went sideways but look at the bias CNN is throwing as if to say “if Trump is as good as he says he is, WHY aren’t the second/third quarter results the same as the first/second (in the opposite direction)?

(H/T: CNN)