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Congressional Candidate Steve Negron Supports the Electoral College!

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Democrat leadership would like to abolish the Electoral College and instead, elect the president with a National Popular Vote.  That change would have severe negative consequences for our Constitutional Republic and would cost NH dearly – as our state (and many other states) would become insignificant in subsequent presidential elections.  This would lead to future presidential candidates (and presidents) focusing their attentions towards highly populated cities/regions.

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The needs of states like New Hampshire and a vast amount of others would go unnoticed, and therefore unaddressed.  In addition, NH would lose the substantial financial benefit of holding the nation’s “First in the Nation” primary each presidential election cycle.

These are some of the reasons Negron supports the Electoral College.  Listen, as he shares his perspectives why abolishing it would be a disaster for our country and why he will “fight tooth and nail to make sure the Electoral College is defended at every turn.”


You can learn more about his campaign here:

Website: www.Negron4Congress

FB: Negron4Congress

Twitter: Negron4Congress