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Is the Electoral College Necessary?

Donald J. Trump

Each time a candidate wins a majority of Electoral votes but loses the national popular vote, many Americans wonder if changes should be made.  When not given much thought… it appears to be a valid question.

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This scenario occurred again in the 2016 Presidential election when Hillary Clinton received almost three million more national votes than Donald Trump. With that large of a difference in votes, many Democrats made what they believed to be a strong argument that Hillary Clinton deserved to serve as President – and said the Electoral College should be replaced with a National Popular Vote, including NH Senators Shaheen and Hassan.

On the other hand… Donald Trump won more states, and therefore a majority of electoral votes: 306 – 232, which is far more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

So which is better?  A picture says a thousand words.

Here’s the vote breakdown of the 2016 Electoral Map by County.  Trump won the red counties, Clinton the blue:

It’s clear which candidate a majority of America wanted to represent them – and that was the result.

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant in their ability to foresee and protect against a small number of highly populated regions controlling and imposing their will on the rest of the nation.

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