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Confirm Amy Coney Barrett … Do It Now

Amy Coney Barrett

We need to confirm Amy Coney Barrett.  It needs to be done now. On September 26 the President made a nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). His nominee is Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Judge Barrett would be a justice with commitment to upholding our laws and Constitution. She opposes legislating personal views from the bench.

The president is fully within his constitutional authority to nominate a Supreme Court justice. The president’s duty to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court is clear. It comes from Article II. The U.S. Constitution is clear. This has been done more than 100 times. There is a lot of precedent.

There is no “norm” or constitutional prohibition against an election-year nomination. Twenty-nine times a vacancy has opened on the Supreme Court during a presidential election year. The President made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases. In fact George Washington did it three times.

Review the qualifications, hold a fair hearing

Senators should fairly review the qualifications of whomever the president nominates. The Senate’s job is to provide “advice and consent” on the nominee. This is what our Constitution requires. The Senate has every right to move forward with consideration of a nominee. It should take up the matter.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has a proven track record. She would be a sound Supreme Court Justice. The most critical question for any Supreme Court confirmation has two parts. Will the nominee faithfully interpret the Constitution as written? And will the nominee uphold the rule of law? If the answer to the Senate is yes and they should vote to confirm. Answer no and they should vote against confirmation.

Senators must reject the Left’s tactics of violence, civil unrest and threats to pack the court. We must return to a time of qualified U.S. Supreme Court nominees. Those nominees must receive fair treatment from the Senate.

The Democrats’ threat to “pack the court,” is an action that even Justice Ginsburg opposed. It would undermine the integrity and validity of the judiciary. By expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court for a political purpose, the Democrats set a dangerous precedent.

Taking such action will further erode America’s constitutional processes. We need to confirm Amy Coney Barrett.  If she can raise seven kids, juggle a law career and teach law school. It doesn’t get any tougher than that. Confirmation needs to be done now. Get the lead out.