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CDC – Only 6% Were COVID Deaths, The Rest Was Money Laundering

As early as March, we had reports coming in of what amounts to insurance fraud without the insurance (sort of). Anyone with COVID equaled cash, and if it appeared on the Death certificate, more cash. So, those “evil” doctors and Hospitals Democrats had warned us about were cashing in big time.

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Remember when Democrats would do or say anything to get people to buy-in on ObamaCare? Your doctors were fudging the diagnosis, ordering unnecessary tests, and performing unnecessary surgery—all to get fat and rich.

That’s why your insurance was so expensive, and health care costs so high.

Some of these same Democrats have, for months, insisted that any notion that doctors or hospitals are faking a COVID diagnosis (to do what Democrats accused them of doing back in 2009 and 2010) is a conspiracy theory. But for 8 months, we’ve had doctors telling us that is what has happened.

Doctors, funeral directors, you name it, people at every end of this thing are saying it. A SARS CoV2 diagnosis or cause of death is a cash cow, and they have been cashing in. The results? Heavily inflated case counts, hospitalization numbers, and mortality used as political tools for purposes other than public health.

But public health has never been their primary concern. The political response is killing jobs, businesses, livelihoods, and people. But no one gets a check for reporting that, nor do they get page clicks or views for reporting it. But announce some covid infection number or another few deaths, and these mountebanks cash in alongside the dishonest hospitals we were warned about so many years ago.

How do we know? The CDC. They’ve admitted many things (like how masks don’t really work, as in they don’t!), not the least of which is that at least 94% of deaths reported as “caused by this coronavirus” are the result of some other preexisting condition.

You can bet that if Donald Trump were using COVID cause of death to win elected office, you’d have difficulty finding someone who didn’t know about the 6% number. House Democrats would be trying to impeach him for it. But since Democrats want you to think the death rate is high, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who knows the mortality numbers are a fraud.

So, here comes One America News with another report on data from the CDC; the 6% number is theirs, but good luck finding it anywhere else unless you share it.

Hint hint. Here’s their report.

‘COVID19 is rarely the actual cause of death’