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Twitter Doodlings – Failure to Understand the “Live Free or Die” Ethos

I suppose I’ve now triggered her and she’ll start screaming “Harassment!” just like the sponsors of the now down in flames HB1159 (the “shut the ‘Grok down” bill). All because a loyal reader pointed me to a few of Gracie Gato’s tweets – and this one tells us where she’s at as far as NH is concerned.

I guess she thought, like many transplants, she could just waltz right in and change our world. Well, from reading her Twitter feed, you can tell see the problem. If you don’t treat people well in the beginning because of your politics, they aren’t going to stand for being bossed around.

I’m not a native but have been here for 36 years. I joke that I came here for a job but stayed for the “Live Free or Die” ethos: Freedom, Liberty, the ability to be left alone. That the Government knew what it should be doing and what it shouldn’t. Although, because of flaming Socialists like Gato and her ilk, that’s been changing. They can’t resist the busybody urge believing Government should be in charge of everything and every decision.

So, she’s not happy.

I’m betting that if someone came up to her and asked what the rest of the quote says (…”Death is not the worst of all Evils”), she couldn’t.

I’m also betting that she doesn’t really understand what it MEANS.

The conversation continued:

I did have to block out some of her words; though she was actually rather calm here.

If you go through her feed, it is clear that she has quite the potty mouth. That must be a “thing” from LA, where she came from. Or it makes her feel she’s “adulting” (funny, as I grew older, I quickly realized that the mark of an adult was self-control)? Or just a rabid Progressive thing? She has admitted to being such because “it ticks off the GOP.”

Whatever…but she probably hasn’t figured out that it might be one reason why people aren’t as enamored with her expectations say we should be with her.

And Progressivism is certainly at odds with Live Free or Die – in fact, completely incompatible. You come marching into the State and expect everyone to bow down to your excellence?  Sorry, that’s boorish.

If you treat others in that manner, don’t expect them to vacuum the Red Carpet you laid down after you breeze by.

I also dryly note that “voter suppression” is a constant with the Progressive-Socialist Left. It has now become trivialized from overuse. That’s because the #Woke amongst them always believe they are being victimized for any and all reasons. Could be that incessant chip on her shoulder; it’s offputting. Who wants to put up with it?

Seriously, and without snark – don’t stay where you are unhappy. Life is too short and if the culture here is incompatible with your outlook, return to LA where you said you were happy.

No, I’m not offering to pay your fare or help load up the moving truck(s). I’m not saying “then just leave and good riddance” – that’s not “adulting” either.

No, go live where you’d be happier – why live in misery?