Texas Democrat who Won Election by 5 Votes Charged with Mail-Ballot Fraud - Granite Grok

Texas Democrat who Won Election by 5 Votes Charged with Mail-Ballot Fraud


Another tale of vote-by-mail election tampering, this one involving a County Commissioner and three others. They face “123 felony charges in the case, including organized election fraud, illegal voting, fraudulent use of an application for a mail-in ballot, and election fraud.”

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Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown and three others “targeted young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were ‘disabled,’ in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent,” as part of a vote harvesting scheme meant to swing the primary to Brown, according to a news release from Paxton’s office.


You can bet the farm there is large scale fraud underway in preparation for November. That’s the whole point of pushing for vote-by-mail. It is why no one else uses it. Vote-by-mail can’t be trusted because people will abuse the opportunity to steal votes and elections with them.

Yes, We Can

Given Democrat Leadership’s obsessive desire has to rid themselves of Mr. Trump, fabricating or confiscating a few million votes across the country (in key House and Senate races (as well as President, of course) is a given.

They demanded we lock down the economy they’d admitted trying to ruin for years then supported riots and looting. As crime skyrocketed in their Democrat-run cities, they smiled and nodded or said nothing.

Ballot fraud is definitely in the realm of possibility, and realistically a given. The question, and it is one I’ve raised here more than once, is will America show up in person in adequate numbers to make mail-ballot fraud untenable?

As a percentage of registered voters, if the results favor Trump from in-person voting, the only wait Democrats could win is through fraud that is impossible to hide.

I doubt we will be that lucky, but I can dream. And stock up on ammo, pepper spray, and make sure the taser is charged and clean the weapons in case home-defense is required.

Hey, they promised us riots and chaos and hating on white people and never conceding. That’s more or less every day ending in a ‘Y’ now. I’m just thinking ahead.