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Senator Clegg Rebuts

Greiner Shaheen

I am posting this on behalf of former Senator Robert Clegg.

“If they will lie to you to obtain the power, what will they do to you when they get it?

I am constantly told telling the truth is a mean and ugly thing to do.  Then there are the folks who tell me, true or not, a Republican is never supposed to say anything bad about another Republican even if it’s to shed the light on government waste or unethical practices.

The latest post from Ken Eyring asserts that Wheeler’s list of endorsements make him beyond rebuke and is titled “accusation debunked“; his source is not credited so I have to assume it’s because David Wheeler said so.   Much like my campaign post on David Wheeler not showing up to the scheduled debate where people wrote and told me I was a liar – “Wheeler was there!!!” – I answer “No, he wasn’t,”  I have the option of accepting these accusations that I lied or once again providing evidence that I did not.

Let’s start with Wheeler’s first major endorsement, former Governor Craig Benson.

Governor Benson was governor during Wheeler’s first term on the Executive Council.  Benson was known for hiring friends even though the ethics of what he was doing were clear, but he only showed concern if he was caught. More than likely Wheeler learned the intricacies used later for such sole source no-bid contracts like the ones with Linda Pepin.   I offer links to the Linda Pepin incident where she was a paid volunteer who was paid for work she wasn’t licensed to do….until they were caught  Note the same tactic of supposedly getting 5 bids but only 1 filled the requirements – trouble was the other 4 were never asked

Some things never change:    


No crime scandal here.

Kelly Ayotte

As the Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte was the deciding authority to not appeal a district court decision that illegal persons that were juveniles selling drugs in NH were not trespassers and therefore the police in Hudson and New Ipswich couldn’t arrest them as such and could only hit them with penalties as juveniles (slap their hands and send them back to their boss for tomorrows sales) .  Kelly Ayotte also claimed that stand your ground “legislation would bring gangs to NH to resolve their differences and there would be blood in the streets.”  Turns out that describes the areas in the country that have laws she agrees with, not NH laws. Kelly Ayotte also opposed constitutional carry, preferring instead, registration.

And we must ensure that NICS includes records currently not being entered in the system, including mental health adjudications where an individual is found to be a danger to themselves and others.”   SEE NHFC HOELL AMENDMENT TO EXPANDED MEDICAID

At one time, Wheeler and his group didn’t care for her work in DC.

William Greiner

Chair of the Board of Directors at Primary Bank and Partner in T-Bones and Cactus Jacks has the reputation of a bully.  Known to hold lavish fundraisers in his Bedford mansion, he financially supports Senator Shaheen and of course, we all know his partner appears in Senator Shaheen’s commercials as a “Republican” against republican leadership [See the invitation by Greiner as the featured image ]

While Greiner has unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate me, I find I am not a special target.   Below are the links to Greiner’s more notable attempts to intimidate.

Bully of Bedford

American for Prosperity

They are not shy about their wants which include open borders.  They have not only endorsed David Wheeler but they have spent thousands of dollars sending out mailers so David didn’t have to pay for them himself.  I note here that Wheeler’s people are suddenly talking about “Pay for Play “ (Ruth Hadley).  Someone else will have to decide if that is what the mailers are supposed to do.

And there is ample evidence they will oppose anyone who agrees with President Trump and oppose those who do not fall in line with their economic libertarian worldview.  Open borders!

“The Kochs’ network of PACs and organizations will join together to elect candidates that fit their economic libertarian agenda, which stands in stark opposition to President Trump’s protective tariffs, border wall, and agenda to raise U.S. wages by reducing legal immigration levels.”

“Before and during Trump’s presidency, the billionaire Koch brothers have been threatening GOP lawmakers who support the populist-nationalist agenda of the president. In July, during a conference of billionaire donors, Koch organization leaders said they would oppose Republicans that do not fall in line with their economic libertarian worldview.”

I readily admit I am not a one-world-order nor an open borders candidate.  My opponent has earned that distinction between us.  I oppose sanctuary cities as well.

 Russell Prescott

 Executive Councilor Russell Prescott pushed for toll increases and was recently the only republican to vote “yes” on the Planned Parenthood funding sole- source no bid contract. Russell has been an advocate of toll increases as a member as well.

You can listen to the meetings here:

or you look it all up.  Truth can be terrifying.”