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Bill Greiner is Proving Once Again why he’s Considered the Bully of Bedford

Bill Greiner has brought this all on his lonesome, simply because he thought, once again, that “little people” shouldn’t be getting in the way of his “getting stuff done.” What Progressives call “progress.”  This time, it looks like he’s threatening both an elected Bedford Planning Board official AND a well-known restauranteur.

(emphasis mine, reformatted):

Kelleigh Murphy, a member of the planning board and former town councilor, recused herself from voting on the project, in part because of a text message Greiner, one of the developers, sent to her earlier this year. Murphy and her ex-husband, Keith Murphy, are co-owners of Murphy’s Taproom and Carriage House in Bedford, which rents space from the other developer, Anagnost. Together, the Murphys are 50 percent owners of the restaurant.

In Greiner’s text message to Murphy, Greiner stated,

“I know you are not running. If you were, I could not support you after the Shorty’s issue. You crossed the line as an elected official, and a legal line as well. Keith might have some fence-mending to do when his lease comes up …”

Greiner did not return a phone call seeking comment on the text message.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have returned a phone call about this either. Really, Bill Greiner, this is your business model when (like my 3-year-old Grandson), you throw a tantrum because you didn’t get what you want.

Is this actionable? Threatening an official (even if it is just over an election) and a family’s livelihood to boot?

I don’t know the backstory of “the Shorty’s issue” other than both Greiner and Dick Anagnost are building workforce housing in Bedford that a lot of residents are really unhappy about and doing something with the Shorty’s restaurant spot.

Given what I have been told over the years, many people believe that “Bully” has been earned; here’s a great example of it.

After all, nothing says bully any better than that old Mafia line:

Nice place ya got here; pity if something were to happen to it.

So, crowdsource time. Help GraniteGrok investigate this further (#GrokInvestigates). Got stories of why Bill Greiner gets that word hung around his neck?

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(H/T: Union Leader)