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Roots of the Leftist Revolution – Critical Theory

Roots of the Leftist Revolution

Leftists are telling anybody who will listen that the 2020 pandemic and riots are good things. Those things are handing the Leftists an opportunity to transform America. What they want is a revolution.

They may try to obfuscate their desires with turns of phrase.

An example would be [revolution] “in the minds of the people…” not unlike the one John Adams said led to 1776. It is obfuscation because the intent of today’s “revolution is to attain a very opposite end. Leftists hate the founders. They misrepresent them often.

The questions are, are Americans from the right and center listening? Do they grasp the Leftists mean what they say? Do average Americans realize the country may very well change into something unrecognizable?

Whether you call them warnings or threats, the clues are everywhere. They come folded into a conversation held in August to mark the anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

The participants were: Alicia Garza who is the founder of Black Lives Matter. She was talking with Nikole Hannah-Jones who is the founder of the New York Times’ 1619 Project. They were speaking with Maria Teresa Kumar, President, and CEO of Voto Latino. Those three were speaking with historian Martha Jones.

Forward to Tyranny

The exchange was instructive. One almost gets a sense of what it may have been like to eavesdrop on the Founders in 1776 or the Framers in 1787.  A vision of a new order replacing a passing one. Except that this time the intent is to reverse the direction of a free nation. All the gains in human freedom from the Declaration and the Constitution will unravel if these four miscreants get their way.

The colonists based their worldview on the ideas of thinkers preceding them. They followed Englishmen William Blackstone and John Locke and the Frenchman Montesquieu. Today’s woke progressives take their ideological marching orders from European thinkers of decades ago. They follow the Italian Antonio Gramsci and the German-American Herbert Marcuse.

The writings of James Wilson and Thomas Jefferson are made clearer with a grounding in their Enlightenment philosophical forebears.

So too is it easier to understand the language of today’s left if one grasps how 20th-century Critical Theorists viewed the world. Critical theory is the invention of the Marxist Frankfort School of the 1930s. It planted the roots of the Leftist revolution.

Critical Theory reinterprets everything looking through a Marxist lens.  The women’s studies, racial studies, and gender studies curricula found in almost every Western university are the direct products of the more general critical theory program. The discipline’s formulators are Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, et al. They were all self-identified Marxists teaching in an avowedly Marxist school.