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Nancy Town’s San Fran Gyms Closed – But Not the Ones the ‘City Employees’ Use

Nancy Pelosi

In another example of what it will be like under Democrat rule, gyms are closed in San Francisco. The Democrats ordered it so in the name of public health. But, “gyms in government buildings have been open for some time, despite coronavirus lockdown edicts that have kept private gyms shuttered.”

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“Daniele Rabkin from Crossfit Golden Gate…reached out to police to offer them the opportunity to work out at her facility, she reportedly learned that they were able to do so at the SFPD Northern District Police Station. The Hall of Justice gym, another facility where city employees frequent, has been open since July 1.”


The long-time Democrat-run city is just doing what Ruling Class Democrats do, and will do more if you give them more power, summed up nicely by MX3 Fitness owner, Dave Karraker.


“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do.”


It’s not just San Francisco. These “rule” apply everywhere Democrats have power or influence. It is the way the world will work should the mobs win the street war and the Left win at the ballot box – even if they have to steal the wins to get them. And they will because they are a privileged class destined to rule. And they do, you will be peasants, and they will be kings.

That is how every command and control economy works. Failure to understand this now while you can still do something about it could be fatal for American exceptionalism (we are the only nation with these freedoms, so it is exceptional), individual liberty, and every right we once held dear.

Liberal Privilege trumps all others. It sits atop every totem, and there is no middle, only a top, and a bottom. And the Left has been very clear about this for many years. It would be a shame for people not to take notice before November and choose the side of liberty even though it may mean we need to go to war to take back our streets and ensure that freedom finally reigns.