Pelosi and the Hairdresser Prove That Everything We've Said About the Left is True - Granite Grok

Pelosi and the Hairdresser Prove That Everything We’ve Said About the Left is True

Pelosi Twin Fridge ice Cream Tone Deaf

San Fran Nan needed someone to do her doo, so she made it happen. Sure, hairdresser and barbershops were shuttered by order of the lords of ‘We know better,’ But Nancy Pelosi is, well, Nancy Pelosi. Rules and laws do not apply to the ruling class. She got caught, and the Left’s response? Destroy the hairdresser.

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Nowhere is there a better or more current example of left-wing rule than this. Mob rule.

We will do whatever we want regardless of the limitations we have placed upon you. You will allow this without comment. Should you dare stick your head out, we will smash it with a hammer.

After a video leaked of Pelosi’s illegal hair appointment (above), the hairdresser, who spoke up in defense of herself, is a target. The left-wing machine is out to ruin her. They don’t just want her out of work; they want her out of business and publicly ruined.

This is the template for Democrat rule. Once you understand and accept this everything else they do makes sense. And under no circumstance do you want them in charge.

And it’s not just Pelosi. The entire ruling class establishment that has been after Trump for four years is aligned with her. These are the people working so hard to get Trump the disruptor out of office.

He isn’t one of them, crashed their party, and he wants to change things.

They’ll do anything to stop that. But not without perfect hair. She needs to look good on TV in front of her 30,000.00 dollars worth of refrigerators with her expensive icy treats.

No, wait. The Speaker of the US House fell for a setup. Oh, that’s what it was. Not.