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Judd Gregg Pops Off

Judd Gregg and Obama

Judd Gregg (d) Florida, is a contributing writer for The Hill: The Kamala threat — the Californiaization of America. For those of you who do not remember Judd, well, he is the primary cause of same-day voter fraud in our state.

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Judd also was drooling to be part of the first Barak Hussein Obama reign of leftism. He dropped out right before being handed a job in that administration.

But this exposes who he was. Not like his father, a true conservative. Here is an example of Judd in action from the recent story he authored above:

“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is probably a nice person.

As a vice-presidential candidate, a role that requires her to be the responder-in-chief to the inanities put forth by President Trump, she has been formidable.

She has taken a tone of modulated disbelief and correction rather than the shrillness favored by other Trump critics such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

It is an approach that bolsters her credibility. It is made all the more effective by the contrast it poses to the president’s bombastic style.”

Have it both ways, Judd. He goes on the criticize this Marxist but with kid gloves. Maybe a job in a Harris/Biden administration might be an option in a few weeks?

As soon as Judd left office in NH his long-time aid, Joel Maiola quickly became co-chair of the Republicans for Lynch Steering Committee.

I guess Judd and Joel did not mind Democrat Governor John Lynch’s parting $800 million deficit designed to force a broad-based tax on NH citizens.

I do not believe they ever wrote about it – let me know if you have seen any apologies for backing a broad-based Trojan Horse into the governor’s office. Some expert, political power-houses they are.

As long as I have lived in New Hampshire I never voted for Judd Gregg and I am prouder of that more than ever.