It's "The First Time a Kennedy has (Ever) Lost an Election for a Massachusetts Seat" - Granite Grok

It’s “The First Time a Kennedy has (Ever) Lost an Election for a Massachusetts Seat”

Joseph "chapstick" Kennedy III

Maybe you heard it. The weeping for the death of a political dynasty. Maybe you could feel the shockwaves as they resonated across New England? Me neither, but they were there. Joseph “chapstick” Kennedy the Third made new ‘Kennedy’ history. He’s the first of his name to lose an election for a Massachusetts seat.

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U.S. Sen. Edward Markey fended off a bitter primary challenge from U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III on Tuesday — a historic win for the incumbent that effectively boots his challenger out of politics and ends his family’s political dynasty in Massachusetts in one fell swoop.


It was an ugly, heated primary. Stones were thrown, arrows loosed as Kennedy tried to pry the nomination for a Bay State Senate Seat from the ancient hands of its more than adequately left-wing warmer.


Markey managed to cling to it and will now face Republican Kevin O’Conner, who has the highest hill to climb of all. Winning a statewide office (other than Governor) in one of the bluest states in the nation.

And while the heir to the Kennedy political throne has failed to advance, we need not worry about his options (as if we would). He always has a future selling chapstick