The Democrat Party – The Next Big Human Right Might Be Chapstick

Joe Kennedy Branded ChapstickThe Left is forever inventing things people are entitled to at the expense of others. There’s a movement brewing that demands free feminine care products as a right.

This should seem odd because not every human wants or needs them but then, these are liberals. For the left, it is not about rights, but the control government accumulates through entitlements. Free stuff requires more bureaucrats and bigger budgets, so this is a trap.

They use public education to make stupid people who then barter away their liberties in exchange for something that, ironically, they’ll lose the moment the ruling class has the power it craves.

So the idea of creating the ministry of menstruation mitigation is not such a goofy leap after all.

Neither is the right to soft lips, so while we’re watching and waiting for the wailing and gnashing of teeth to begin over the institutional barriers to tampons and pads, perhaps the left can make use of Rich pasty-white Democrat Joe Kennedy the XXXVIII’s post-SOTU lip-balm disaster and spin that to insist that chapstick (or any suitable equivalent) is a human right.

Imposition of this new “right” on the backs of taxpayers will require a large piece of legislation, boards, committees, appointees, oversight, a generous budget, and an enforcement mechanism. I’m sure the UN will want in on it as well. And ridiculing the idea will be branded as Racism perpetrated by white-supremacist nazi haters who think soft-lips are only for rich white people.

It’s meant to be satire, and we want to laugh, but we also know it’s all true. Grow government by any means. That’s what they are after.

Limiting the growth or shrinking budgets is a sin against The State.

Just ask a Democrat how much of other people’s money is enough or how much meddling by the government is enough?

There is no enough, and there isn’t any “too much,” unless we’re talking about rich pasty-white Democrat Joe Kennedy the XXXVIII’s chapstick privilege.

Hey, at least he didn’t take a drink of water.