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If a Democrat Tells You Trump is Politicizing the Supreme Court…


I am not closely following the chaos left in the wake of Justice Ginsberg’s passing. I don’t need to do that. Their formulae, tactics, and strategy are catalyzed by TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the possibility of losing a court-side legislative vehicle for decades to come. Do you know what that means?

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Trump has politicized the Supreme Court, blah, blah, blah. It’s all his fault!

Sorry, Democrats did that during the Reagan presidency when through their own actions, they created the term Borking a Judicial nominee. The court was already political. They just drove the confirmation process down a new hole. Deep, dark, dank, and political. It has been there ever since. At least when presidents are Republican.

And while you could use that as a response to such claims by your Leftish-leaning pals, you need not travel so far back in time. You only need to journey back to the days before Justice Ginsberg passed and why she died still serving.


The only reason 87-year old Ruth Ginsberg was still working and not long retired and enjoying her seasoned senior years was the politics. The politics of the Supreme Court. The court’s continued politicization, preferably by progressive Justices who view the constitution as a living document and rarely if ever as a means to constrain the actions of the government that employs them.

I cannot say she was coerced or convinced not to retire, but if it came up, I’m sure there was ample resistance by the ruling-class Washington elite.

Whatever you to Justice Ginsberg, do not retire until we can get that hooligan Trump out of there.

She tried until she died.

She endured multiple bouts with cancer and pneumonia, to name a few, just since Mr. Trump became Commander and Chief. She was even missing and presumed on deaths doorstep for several months last year, only to pop her head up in time for the spring session.

And I do not doubt her clarity or competency. We agreed on little, but I respect her journey and her accomplishment, and I am saddened at her passing. I feel for her family and friends who knew and loved her or were known and loved by her. But it was cruel to ask her to endure what she did or to have created the environment where she felt it necessary to work until death.

The Left did that. They did it for politics, and they are not remorseful. They are only interested in the legislative power a left-leaning court represents.

Now, the Left will say the same of us in wanting it filled by a Trump nominee. There’s only one problem. I don’t want a Justice who will invent rights. I want the Constitution to protect me from tyrannical politicians who would infringe on the ones I was born.

Trump is not perfect, but when it comes to Judges, he is the closest thing we have who might provide us with that. A Justice who will take the politics out of the court and leave it where it belongs, in the legislature.

Part of which, the US Senate, will vote on Trump’s nominee before November. A vote that will need to be a simple majority of 50+1 thanks to the politics of Left and the Reid Rule. Named after Democrat Harry ‘Exercise Band’ Reid. Also referred to as a nuclear option. A tool created by Democrats that Republicans have been using to approve hundreds of Trump nominees. I expect this next one will be no different.

Something the Democrats are ranting about but in case of that, we have this. Enjoy.