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Drug-Addicted Mothers Deserve Better than Abortion

Mom and baby teething

Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump visited the unit at Concord Hospital for babies born suffering from drug withdrawal. The program keeps the mothers and newborns together and they provide alternate therapies for the babies as well as medical treatment. They also provide care for the mothers’ substance abuse.

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Many of the women coming to Planned Parenthood in Manchester for abortions are drug-addicted. They are often encouraged by their friends and families and partners to get an abortion. These women lack a support system for themselves and their children and society views them and their babies as expendable.

Concord Hospital’s program turns this on its head.

The mothers and babies are treated as valuable humans and the mother and child bond is supported. This is the exact opposite of what these mothers get when they show up at Planned Parenthood, where they are encouraged to abort their precious children. The mothers leave PP without their babies and with no help for their substance abuse.

I don’t know if those running this program consider themselves pro-life, but they are providing life-affirming options to pregnant mothers who too often believe that they have only one option, and that is abortion.

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