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Corona and Noro – Congressman Chris Pappas’ NH Restaurant and the Tale of Two Viruses

Pappas Resist Norovirus2

Virus fearmongering continues, this time taking out a Democrat congressman’s restaurant. At least for a few days. Democrat Chris ‘Norovirus’ Pappas owns the Puritan Backroom Restaurant in Manchester, which has shuttered its doors over COVID19 fears after a Bartender was alerted to contact with an asymptomatic carrier.

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According to the Union Leader, “the Puritan Backroom said it would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, as management works with city health officials to follow protocols. According to the post, the employee who tested positive was a bartender who last worked on Saturday, Sept. 12.”


“While this employee is asymptomatic, we feel it is best to err on the side of caution and take a brief operational pause,” Puritan’s post said. “The health and safety of our guests and employees is of utmost importance, and we will be taking a number of steps over the next couple days to ensure that feeling of trust.”


Everyone is fired for two days. No work. We’ll file for federal bailout dollars, and hey, the owner is a member of congress. And remember that time, back in November, when a guy died after eating here.

Can’t be too careful.

In November of 2019, several people got ill, and one died after contracting Norovirus from a Puritan Backroom catered event. But no one knew it was Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas’ restaurant for an entire month. Shhh…secret. Officials and media types could not find the time to immediately report the establishment’s name where the outbreak occurred as a public service, and the restaurant did not make any public statements.

For thirty days.

A month later, Michael Graham uncovered the media malfeasance, and we picked up that reporting. Within days it was “in the paper” and the Restaurant made a public statement.

I guess there was no political advantage in reporting how your restaurant killed someone. Who can you coerce into living in fear or voting by mail over a norovirus? No one.

COVID19, on the other hand, is a successful domestic terror weapon with the power to alter human behavior on a grand scale. Shutting down for two days isn’t just good PR; it has potential electoral benefits.

That’s why we know.