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Medical Examiner Says Norovirus from Puritan Backroom Contributed to One Death

Chris Pappas Resist

Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas’ family restaurant has officially been identified as the source of a Norovirus outbreak that made 18 people sick and contributed to the death of one person.

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The tragedy is part of a systemic coverup. 

As Michael Graham reported last week, the outbreak happened just before Thanksgiving. What reporting was available never mentioned the Democrat Congressman or his restaurant. For an entire month.

What a difference a Day Makes

We glommed on to Michael’s reporting and pushed it out into the internet wilderness as well. All that attention produced some immediate results. The next day those same media outlets named the Puritan Backroom and Congressman Pappas. But the original cover-up remains unresolved.

  • Yes, the Puritan Backroom hosted a function at which 18 people got sick.
  • The source of the illness was Norovirus.
  • One person died, now confirmed as a result of complications related to the Norovirus infection.
  • The name of the establishment and its connection to a member Democrat of Congress was deliberately hidden.
  • Why are our so-called media watchdogs running cover for prominent politicians or families in New Hampshire? How many more stories already written or soon to be will be subject to the same special treatment?
  • Did the Medical examiner’s office in Manchester or at the State level have any communication with Pappas or his congressional staff or State Democrat Party officials?
  • Did the media conspire to hide these facts until new media broke the needs and disseminated it to the public, or is this just business as usual?
  • The Puritan Backroom was overdue for health inspection.

The story is developing. And while it is, here’s one more handy bit of public health information you deserve. A leading source of norovirus in America is reusable shopping bags.

The only way to ensure this does not happen is by laundering them regularly. That increases their carbon footprint significantly, making a thing that is already less beneficial to the environment than thin-film bags, less friendly to your pocketbook and the wastewater stream.

Congressman Pappas and a majority of New Hampshire Democrats would like to force you to buy and use “reusable” grocery bags.

Just in case you were curious.