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Campaign Sign Stealer Jim Babcock Shouldn’t Drive Angry

Groundhog day dont drive angry final

UPDATED and BUMPED: Yep, still angry. I was out at the end of my driveway two days ago when he came squealing around the corner in his black Toyota pickup with his bike locked into the bed. He saw me and it sounded like he mashed the gas pedal through the floor boards (given the engine roar), and squealed again on the other side of my property (my lot borders his street on one side and the only way out of the neighborhood on the far side). Gosh, I do remember him yelling at me for speeding while driving at a FAR lower speed. Glass houses, stones, and all.

I just smiled. He’s gonna be a hoot when his hearing is finally scheduled…speaking of….

Yesterday, I got a call from a good friend…

…who needed to verify a piece of information related to something that happened this past Sunday. A pickup truck had driven up Salt Marsh Pond Road from Gilford Ave and was starting down the hill at a high rate of speed.

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The report to me was that it could be traveling at as high as (50mph?) while constantly laying on his horn.

The person that called said his elderly mom had tried to pull out from the field located just before the hard left corner that overlooks Salt Marsh Pond and had to stop short from the excessive speed and the lack of manners to let this lady onto the road.

My friend yelled out “This isn’t an F-ing race track!!!” The message was, I assume, to slow down and to be perfectly obvious. The retort was “You’re an A-hole” as the driver went by.  The observation was that the driver’s speech was slurred – not a good combination when driving at a high rate of speed.

Now, the question to me was “do you know to whom the license plate ‘NTG’ belongs?”

I do and told my friend that. He thanked me and told me that he had also confirmed it with a witness that saw Jim Babcock stealing Norm Silber’s campaign sign from the end of Salt Marsh Pond as well.

One would think, already having confessed to the Gilford Police that he had stolen private property and engaged in voter suppression, that Babcock would be much more careful in his subsequent actions.

He did tell the Gilford PD that he stole Norm’s sign out of anger and once again we see that anger gets the better of him. A common pattern? Mad at the world, I guess.

Heck, he’s been mad at me for years. I still have the absolutely disgusting letter he put into my mailbox years ago. He carries grudges and carries them for years.

So, Mr. Babcock, should I now publish that? Does your lovely wife even know what you did?