As if the Seattle "CHAZ" autonomous zone was such a rousing success?? - Granite Grok

As if the Seattle “CHAZ” autonomous zone was such a rousing success??

CHAZ City 206 Wikicommons - The Seattle Autonomous Zone

Here they go again!  Elected Representatives on the Minneapolis City Council are already yammering that with their “Defund the Police” initiative, crime is rising. Now, they’re allowing what Seattle allowed – protesting anarchist and BLM activists setting up their own version of Seattle’s lawless “country within a city”. The idea of having the various States ruling themselves encapsulated the idea of “Fifty Laboratories of Democracy”. The idea as to figure out what policies worked well in one so that others didn’t have to go through the painful process of failure first.

The idea was NOT to breed failure and then spread, but here we are with a City Council that has decided that traditional values have no place in their city. Good luck with that!

Those city councilors are all Democrats except one Green. These are the same people that told their police to stand down during the George Floyd riots that started this Democrat “Summer of Love” (as the Seattle Mayor deemed her “CHAZ” zone).

So, who is in charge? The Democrat politicians have said, effectively, “not us”. The Antifa group has said “fine with us!”. And what is happening in the video, they will get more of it, good and hard. If I was in charge, you can be sure that I’d be having that whole area cleared out by a wall of police from every direction. Get those that resist arrested – and get the Feds involved instead of relying on the local District Attorney.

After all, the poor innocents elected the Councilors to run the city correctly – not give it up because GEORGE FLOYD!

If Biden gets in, expect more of the same elsewhere.

(H/T: Powerline)