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Was Challenger Karen Testerman’s Lawn Sign Deemed Non-Essential by the NHGOP or Was it the Governor?

Sununu Trump Testerman

Karen Testerman is a Republican running for Governor of New Hampshire. She is challenging the incumbent Republican, Chris Sununu. The State Party office had a 4 x 8 Trump and a 4 x 8 Sununu sign out in front of the party office, but now they are gone. Why? The Testerman campaign put a sign up too.

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Someone, thinking “The Party” was neutral in primaries, probably said, look at that big space next to the Sununu sign. What a great place to promote another Republican candidate for Governor. It’s only fair.

NHGOP offices Sununu Trump


So, they got a 4 x 8 Karen Testerman for governor sign and put it out in front of the NHGOP offices.


Sununu Trump Testerman

Someone and I have no idea who had a bit of a snit. As the story was relayed to me, the NHGOP told the Testerman campaign to remove the sign. There may have been something about fairness, though that remains unconfirmed. We can tell you that all the yard signs were taken down in the name of ‘something.’

No more signs

As a result of this move, President Trump no longer has a sign outside the state Republican party office because someone, probably on Team Sununu, told the NHGOP – no Testerman sign.

Is that fair?  Not at all, especially since you can still see Sununu for governor signs in every first-floor window. If this were about fairness, you’d see Testerman signs as well, and you do not. It has to be about something else.

Maybe they’ve been deemed non-essential by the Governor’s office?

That would fit a recent pattern.

And it there another pattern? The Governor was not going to attend the Trump rally that got canceled a while back. He isn’t going to the President’s event in Manchester today.  And now the President’s campaign sign has been removed from in front of the NHGOP state party offices.

Maybe Chris Sununu has decided that supporting President Trump is non-essential too? That didn’t work out so well for (former US Senator) Kelly Ayotte.

Just sayin’.


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