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The Latest Trend in Casual Racism – ‘Cuz Too Much Free Time

Fox-eye look

Remember when copying something was a form of flattery? The highest form. No? Maybe? It was more than a few weeks ago, but trust me, it’s true. You could duplicate an idea, style, food, music, or culture, and it was an honor to the source of origin. And embrace or integration like mixed-race marriage. Now it’s racist.

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The division police on the Left use this embrace of differences to target and smear others, especially folks with whom they know they disagree politically. But the tactic is not limited to them. Everyone and everything has crosshairs on it, including eye makeup.

Fox-Eye is a look and a trend meant to imitate the slant of Asian eyes. It’s quite the “rage.” Folks who are embracing the look love it, people looking for something to be offended by have found it.


“to start off, what exactly is the foxeye trend? it’s a pose/makeup look that has been trending on various social media platforms. people pull at their temples to create a slanted eye look. this popularized “look” is the same pose that has been to used to mock east-asian features.”


So much for the highest form of flattery. Now, everything is mocking, insulting, stealing.

Mao Mao-Mao

The final form of this trend is, as often noted on these pages, is the cultural appropriation of the Mao Suit “look,” with or without the actual suits. The use of political force to create mandated cultural conformity regardless of sex, race, age, or creed. The government is the religion, and oppression is the one thing to which we all belong.

Cue the mandated masking, which, by the way, looks a lot like Asian cultural appropriation.

What to do then about Fox-Eye and sombreros, Taco Tuesday or Pasta Wednesday?

Influencers bitching about eye-makeup may sound trivial, but it’s not. It is the trend that leads us to where we are now. So, we need a suitable response that discourages this sort of crap from tireless squawking whiners.

Most of us would have to get on board. Like with an election where even though you know the “losers” might have violent tantrums and throw a month’s long-fit (similar to what we see today), it is better for the nation as a whole in the belong run. Not just the choice itself but how it exposes the radical morons who snap every time they don’t get their way.

We’ve allowed the Left to take over every institution and poison their wells. If we don’t take a stand and take our county back one corner at a time from the ground up, there won’t be anything left worth having, and there is no place left to go.

The final straw is the globalization movement. A bunch of influencers selling a socialist one-world idea, but to get there, they have to focus on anything they can find to divide us. Where no one can look, or act, or talk like anyone else unless you are a man and you want to pretend to be a woman.

Strange planet. No wonder people “want to get off.”