Rigged Election: NH-Democrats’ Ballot-Harvesting in Full Swing. - Granite Grok

Rigged Election: NH-Democrats’ Ballot-Harvesting in Full Swing.


Note that “Brenna” submitted all 27 absentee requests.

To begin with, if you do not have the mental capacity or the motivation to submit your own absentee ballot … you should NOT be voting. That simple.

Next, query where those absentee ballots will be sent … to “Brenna”, to some other Democrat operative or operatives, to the Nashua Young Democrats? And even if the ballots are not going directly to the Democrat Party, do you believe for a second that “Brenna” and others like her are not taking down contact information … so they can “follow up” with these absentee voters, and “assist” them in filling out their ballots?

If you do … if you think this is benign … then, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

This may not fit the technical definition of “ballot harvesting,” but as a practical matter it is ballot harvesting. Brenna … as a practical matter … is going to get to vote (at least) 27 times.

And, needless to say, it would be naive to think this is just “Brenna” in Nashua. It is safe to assume that there are probably hundreds of “Brennas” doing the same thing throughout New Hampshire.

This is going to translate into thousands … if not tens of thousands … of votes for Democrats … from people who are totally uninformed and are going to vote exactly how “Brenna” and all the other “Brennas” out there tell them to vote.

If you believe that the Secretary of State’s Office or the Attorney General are going to do anything about this … then I am going to raise the price on that bridge in Brooklyn you said you were interested in purchasing.

We are looking at a Democrat blowout of epic proportions. Veto-proof Democrat majorities in the New Hampshire House and Senate. All thanks to Governor Sununu and his “no-excuse” absentee voting.