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“Plandemic II – Indoctornation” is Out and we Have a Teaser…

Plandemic - Indoctornation

The teaser for Plandemic (the movie!) set the left and the media into a frenzy. Everyone and everything about it was labeled as fake or a conspiracy. That’s a good sign that the opposite is true, so this will likewise give them heartburn and panic. Plandemic II Indoctornation went live this week.

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This one-hour and fifteen-minute documentary continues to explore the questions and concerns surrounding the ancestry of this phenomenon, means, motives, development, media, social media indoctrination, and more.

The video starts with a dramatization but then gets into the more meaty territory (you can watch without fear of it being pulled-down here, on ISE Media).

The teaser I clipped for your consideration below features Dr. David E. Martin, Ph.D. You can get some idea of his credentials and qualifications here. He is a National Intelligence Analyst who made some interesting discoveries in the course of his various projects.

One of those is that the CDC, Anthony Fauci, and others patented Coronavirus and,


“Becasue of that patent(s), they had the ability to control who was authorized and who was not authorized to make independent inquiries into Coronavirus. You cannot look at the virus, you cannot measure it, you cannot develop a test kit for it, and by ultimately holding the patents that constrained anyone from using it, they had the means, they had the motive, and most of all they had the monetary gain from turning Coronavirus from a pathogen to profit.”


Very interesting stuff. This clip is just over 4 minutes and I think it will encourage you to (want to) watch the whole thing.