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On “Voting by Mail” – one anecdote

Election 2020 Voting By Mail

From a loyal reader:

She handed me a mail in ballot that she got in the mail. She never asked for it.

It was addressed to her ex-husband that hasn’t lived there for over 10 years OR “Current Resident”.

She was shocked and pissed and she said this is the scariest thing she’s seen in a long time. It’s this flimsy piece of card stock that looks like junkmail.

She’s had a back injury and did vote once using an absentee ballot and she said this thing doesn’t compare at all to an absentee ballot. Anyone can fill this out, a kid could fill this out. How many people are getting these? There is an article up in Vermont right now that says a teacher over there in Vermont just got one from Tennessee…to vote in their election.

This situation is a crisis.. do people know this?

My question is – WHY are the Democrats all in on this and very few Republicans (like NH Governor Chris Sununu) are? It isn’t that “do people know this?” – it’s “why aren’t Republicans fighting this even more?”.  Is this a case of “well, the Guv is for this so I have to keep my mouth shut”? As some others have said, this opens things up, here in NH, for ballot harvesting – some “civic minded” person goes around and “helps” people to vote. Possibly lots of them.  Where is the oversight, how can one determine the chain of custody hasn’t been violated?

Is that same action allowed in a polling place? Not in the ways that ballot harvesting “helps”. And no, “universal vote by mail” is not the same as absentee ballot voting.

We have been effectively stripped of most of our Rights as citizens by giving “benefits” almost to the level of citizens (re: not much difference at all). Our votes is one of the few things left to Citizenship – and the Left is trying to destroy that as well (re: illegal aliens and other non-citizens gaining the “right to vote”).

This only helps Democrats.