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Nearly 2000 Women Participate in Detroit Firearms Training Class

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I love it when I hear stories about women training in the safe use of firearms, especially in cities like Detroit. These ladies have come to the sad realization that they are the only ones responsible for their safety.  That they are their own first responders.

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And it’s not just Detroit. Gun sales have set records, as has membership in gun-groups and requests for safety training. Rick Olson from the Londonderry Fish and Game Club told me that he has more people looking for training here in New Hampshire than he can remember. And that’s in low-crime New Hampshire.

Big cities where Democrats have failed for decades to provide promised protection, and who are now madly defunding the agents of that false-promise, are seeing a surge in sales and training. The Detroit class referenced in the title had nearly 2000 women attend.


Rick Ector, a prominent firearms instructor in the Detroit area, founded the all-female training event in 2011 because of women like [Tanisha] Moner. He said he’d seen too many stories of women in the city beaten, abused, and even murdered. He had to do something after reading multiple reports of women being brutalized and dumped in trash cans across Detroit.


The gun industry is supporting these events. The Detroit event had protective gear and ammunition donated, and many of the trainees asked for and were assisted in obtaining a suitable firearm for themselves after their instruction. Newly minted and armed defenders of the Second amendment.

Many of these women have first-hand experience as victims or are friends or family members of victims. People who understand the threat presented by the Democrat Party’s push to defund police already in short supply when things go sideways. Knowing that this will mean more opportunity for criminals, not less.

And with Democrat mayors letting criminals out of jail and refusing to jail criminals, looters, including repeat offenders, the only hope you may have of not being a victim is to make your attacker the victim of your training.

And you have to wonder if this might turn a lot of these women, many of them minority women, into single-issue voters. Citizens who, no matter what else, will vote to protect their right to defend themselves first and worry about any other differences later.

That’s not a good sign for the Democrat party. They are not shy about their desire to make firearms ownership expensive, onerous, and whenever they can, impossible. They want you disarmed.

This growing legion of women may not take kindly to that plan, making them a less than reliable vote for the left.