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Nancy Pelosi on CNN – “China would prefer Joe Biden”

Pelosi Twin Fridge ice Cream Tone Deaf

Nancy Pelosi went on the Clinton News Network (CNN) and almost told the whole truth. We had to settle for a half-truth. She admitted that China would prefer Biden won but then said, well, China’s not doing anything this election.

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As if she was at the meeting!

China is always doing something in the US. A lot of something. On-Campus, in technology, with our politicians (Democrats), in the (cough-cough) American media, among other interests.

Her Collusion News Network appearance also included some talk about Russian interference. And she was almost honest. Yes, Russia tries to interfere with our elections. They’ve been meddling for as long as there’s been the Soviet Union or the Russia that remains in its wake. It’s what they do.

They want the US to back off on NATO,  get the US to bow down to the UN, let them run roughshod over the Middle East, and end fracking. All similarly aligned with Nancy Pelosi and every Democrat (especially Biden). But hey, they’d never meddle to help them. They would rather “support” the guy who opposes all those things.

And, a lot of Democrats fall in line and parrot her narratives. They are idiots.

But half-a-truth is something. China would rather Biden win because he’s as pro-China as Dianne Feinstein’s driver. You know, the chinse spy.