Drag Queen Story Hour Tweet: “Love Knows no Age” Pulled Down - 'cuz Pedophilia - Granite Grok

Drag Queen Story Hour Tweet: “Love Knows no Age” Pulled Down – ‘cuz Pedophilia

Love has no age image screen grab

We are not supposed to think that men dressing up as women to gain access to children is odd. Normal is the word they want you to use. When you don’t use their words, they get mad and call you names, so what about this Drag Queen Story Hour Tweet that affirms our suspicions?

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Love knows no age.

And it’s true, ask every pedophile ever even the ones who were not priests. The North American Man-Boy Love Association exists to advance the idea. Prominent Democrat donors, both gay and not so gay, not only cover for the idea of sex with “loving” minors they participate in its execution.

The Political Left from top to bottom promotes and defends any normalization of the practice and pillories anyone who dares to question their new normal.

Wait, you say, they said love knows no age. That doesn’t mean sex. Yes, it does. Every argument in favor of gay marriage or any movement leftward on sexuality has been undergirded with the same language. You can’t help who you love.

What they mean is you can’t help who you want to have sex with, which is total rubbish.

Despite the Left’s insidious deterioration of morality and culture in America, millions of people choose not to have consensual sex with people to whom they might be attracted every day. It’s one of the few things holding the frayed fabric of the nation together.

It’s part of that whole self-reliance, self-responsibility, morality thing about which we often speak. Answering to a higher standard than our urges.

The tweet, by the way, was pulled down.


The phrase “love has no age” carries pro-pedophilia connotations of both an authentic and inauthentic nature. Some Twitter pedophiles have rebranded themselves as “MAPs”–an acronym for “minor attracted person; another euphemism to make a socially unpalatable cause more acceptable–spout this phrase, while others attempting to satirize internet pedophile have made memes containing the questionable phrase.


And there it is.