Melanie Levesque - New Hampshire's Drag Queen State Senator - Granite Grok

Melanie Levesque – New Hampshire’s Drag Queen State Senator


Drag queens are adult entertainment. They are meant to be caricatures of adult women … and to be overtly sexual. In other words, it is sex-based humor.

The Left is using Drag Queens to … they would say introduce children to the concept of “gender fluidity” … while others would say to indoctrinate children to the Left’s unscientific view that gender is a subjective concept … but the fact of the matter is that Drag Queens are overtly sexual. Whether you want to call it education or indoctrination … it is being done in a manner that is overtly sexual.

Would we allow … I believe the term is cisgendered … female adult entertainers to read to children in libraries in their work attire? But it’s OK … according to this State Senator and I’m sure all of her DemocRAT colleagues … when the readers are Drag Queens.

Drag Queens … like strippers or pole dancers … are meant to be adult entertainment. None of them belong in libraries reading to children.