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DNC Convention Rising Star was the Campaign Manager of Accused Domestic Abuser Jeff Woodburn

Jeff Woodburn fan boy Denny Ruprecht

Denny Ruprecht, a staunch defender of former NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn, is one of 17 rising stars allowed to speak at the DNC remote convention this week. Did they know he is a huge fan of a guy accused of domestic abuse?

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Or, that until a few weeks ago he liked everything Jeff Woodburn posted on Facebook?


Dennis ‘Denny’ Ruprecht … is State Sen. Jeff Woodburn’s Campaign manager (May of 2016 – Present). Woodburn has been arrested for multiple counts of domestic and sexual abuse.


Our spies tell us Ruprecht suddenly stopped liking everything the alleged domestic assaulter Jeff Woodburn posted a week or two ago. Maybe about the same time, he discovered he’d be speaking at the DNC convention. What does that mean, exactly?

Does the Biden campaign think Woodburn is guilty, or did DNC Vice-Chair Ray Buckey (the NH State Democrat Party Chair) suggest it?

It’s just a thought. After all, many North Country Dem party homers were militant defenders of Woodburn. One of them, Elizabeth Ruediger, even used the excuse that projectiles and property damage cam with the territory. Out of line, maybe, but not criminal. 

Woodburn is accused of biting her, for one and admits to having a temper.

SO, here’s Denny, called up as an example of the future of the party, the former side-kick of an alleged domestic abuser, who suddenly stops liking his content on social media.

Seems odd. He’s phoning it in, so it’s not like he’s traveling or busy meeting people. His mobile phone is probably still attached to his hand. It only takes a second to like a post on Facebook.


“It’s all very overwhelming, but I just hope to represent the best of Plymouth, the best of my district, the best of the North Country where I am from,” Ruprecht said. said. And represent the state as a whole — a potential swing state — known for its first-in-the-nation primary. “It’s really an only in New Hampshire kind of story.”


Funny you should put it like that. Elizabeth Ruediger used similar language when dismissing the accusations of assault. “#metoo may be global, but NH plays according to its own set of rules.”

No reason why the future of the Democrat party shouldn’t be all in on hiding the (alleged) abuse of women. Lord knows the history of the Democrat party is loaded with folks just like that, many of them from right here in New Hampshire.