Democrats have only Democrat Power Brokers to Blame for This Mess - Granite Grok

Democrats have only Democrat Power Brokers to Blame for This Mess

Joe Biden Screen Grab

As we stumble, and Biden mumbles, down the path to the November 2020 national elections one thing stands out for certain. The Democrats blew it by nominating an old, white, kinda racist, gaff-bag with lessening mental capabilities as their champion.

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Looking back even Sanders might be doing better. You know, the ancient socialist with the bank scamming wife, running for the Democrat nomination – who isn’t even from the Democrat party.

Think how different it would be if Tulsi Gabbard had been selected. She has a military record. And as Biden himself might have said, “I mean, you got the first mainstream female candidate who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking woman. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

But, no, this was the election to end all American elections and Democrats could not chance any self-thinking person getting the opportunity to transform our country. It had to be a trustworthy criminal type.

Thank the leftist Democrats running the show! They are only obsessed with power and not a love of country. Normal Democrats are leaving the new, unabashedly exposed socialist agenda behind, along with the never-ending violence in left-wing strongholds.

I would expect any attempts at continuing, violent, civil unrest after the election will have even fewer sympathetic supporters. Just like in 2016, losers can cry and sit in the street and scream until they are worn out – like little babies who can’t get their way.

The BLM and ANTIFA Marxists will still have untold millions in donations to spend or steal from, or on, each other. They will be confronted with a challenge in how to deal with a failed ideology and possibly history’s most sub-moronic campaign slogan – “Defund the Police.”

Where do you go with all the statues tipped over and “Defund the Police” losing supporters by the millions and you have bank accounts in the millions? Will the Marxists admit they are now part of the “1%” they used to target?

There are only so many college towns and Democrat/Socialist cities.

Democrats have only Democrat power brokers to blame for this mess. They had at least one legit primary candidate.