THIS SHOULD SCARE THE CRAP out of Parents with Elementary Age Kids in Public Schools - Granite Grok

THIS SHOULD SCARE THE CRAP out of Parents with Elementary Age Kids in Public Schools

Propaganda Teacher

I’ve been putting up “Man in the street” interviews ever since our humble beginnings. And I am never surprised by how illiterate young people are about our history and how the Government (which DEPENDS on citizens knowing its form) works.

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We are now seeing the results of that miserable education.

In THIS video the “secret” of teachers comes out. While much of the video is about how ill-informed our “younguns” are, at 2:01 two of the “examples” are teachers. The video then returns to them at 3:47.

My jaw dropped at 3:54:

Yeah – a perfect admission by the “teacher” in the green top that HER ideology takes precedence over whatever curriculum. Singular, unfortunately – most other examples are on video but taken surreptitiously by some student who KNOWS they are getting “educationally cheated”?

So, how does this get stopped?

EVEN IF a parent does their due diligence in reviewing a class’ syllabus, demanding copies of the lesson plan, obtaining copies of the textbooks – how do you, as both a parent and a taxpayer, really know what is being taught to your children?

It seems that the only way I can think of is to video record the classes or have your School District put Internet webcams into the classrooms. But do you really think that they’d be THAT open and transparent about their staff?  And what about the teachers’ unions? How would they even know that they have a “rogue” teacher on their hands? Or would it be a rogue teacher that they’d be tolerating?  Who knows anymore???

This is yet another example of why kids should be pulled from Government schools. The teacher ADMITTED that she refused to teach what she is supposed to.

This is not teaching – this is propagandizing by the Left. There’s a reason why the Education Establishment tries to defeat every attempt at School Choice.