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NHPR Piece Leads With “Hate Crimes on the Rise” But Hate Crimes Fell in New Hampshire

Kuster NOH8

It’s not every day you can get New Hampshire Congressional Democrats to drop their Separation of Church and State narrative.  So, when Leftists praise the distribution of federal dollars to religious groups, something must be up, and it is.

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Here’s NHPR’s lede.

Amid a spike in hate crimes nationwide, New Hampshire’s Democratic congressional delegation announced Friday that seven houses of worship in the state are getting funding to help bolster security. The $150,000 in grants will go to four churches, two temples and a chabad.

The rest of the piece is pull-quotes and talking points. There’s even a note about 100 congressional colleagues calling for Trump to take action (on hate crime). I think he should do what we do in New Hampshire! Because not once does NHPR or anyone quoted in the article point out that in the same year, in the same quoted FBI report, “Hate Crimes” in New Hampshire declined by 50%.

Hate crimes reported in New Hampshire were cut by more than half in 2017 as opposed to the year prior, according to FBI data released Tuesday. The sharp decrease comes as the nationwide number spiked by 17 percent.

Nor could they find space to point out that the 17% rise may not even be real. I covered this here.

Yes, the number generated last year that was obtained using different criteria from the year before was higher than this year, which is also different from both previous years, all before we mix in changes in definitions, number of agencies reporting, human nature, subjectivity, and political will.

Much like the concept of what constitutes hate or a hate crime, not just the crimes, but the data collection is so subjective, there is no way to definitively measure it or any trends.

The FBI admits that the data is not just based on subjective declarations, there are frequent changes to reporting and collection that make year-to-year comparisons a challenge.

Even the FBI admits it doesn’t mean anything yet. (They put these disclaimers in the report every year).

So, what’s up?

Hate crime as a nebulous concept to advance the police state is far more politically advantages than the notion that money or government could or have any intention of addressing hate as a crime.

Democrats want to keep it in the news. Make people believe there is a growing problem. Blame Republicans and Trump. Use it to take away your right to free speech and self-defense.

Consider. If Trump’s Administration offered large grants for school choice programs at “seven houses of worship in the state” would our Democrat delegation and NHPR be so happy? They’d be ripping up the fabric of the media universe with their separation of Church and State narrative? 

We get a full-court press to prevent a few private dollars from funding school choice scholarships that might be used at a religious school. All while State and Federal agencies pump billions annually into refugee resettlement agencies run by Christian groups like Catholic Charities. 

Why? School choice directs resources away from government dependence; refugee programs create government dependents.

This has nothing to do with hate crimes. Certainly not in 94% demographically white New Hampshire where they went down 50 percent.

It is about perception and political power. If Democrats really cared a thing about hate or crime, they’d have to stop being Democrat and abandon their entire agenda.