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Scandinavian Socialists

Scandinavian Socialists

During this spring our government has been guilty of massive overreach. The people in charge were so fearful they felt they needed to put restrictions in place. They suspended the U.S. Constitution. Our political leaders would have us believe they needed to ban our freedoms to keep us safe.

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So, they put us in a cage … for our own good.

It’s about safety, it is all about safety. Well, if that is so why are we not safe in our streets? Why are we not safe in our homes? Why is our property not protected? If that is so why are you defunding the police? It’s all about safety… right?

We’ve seen store restrictions, monitored lines, and enforced spacing. Police were employed to tell us where we could go and when we could go there. Business owners were told their businesses could not open. Churches we closed. The government shuttered the economy … to keep us safe… really?

This is what a socialist order would look like in America. Is what has been happening for the last four months working for you? It doesn’t work for me. Are we really okay with huge lines for unemployment? Do we really need more government dependency? Is that our future?

We are getting a sneak preview of socialist values and principles. It is something America has never tolerated before. Do you, personally, do you even know what socialism is?

History, Democrats, and Socialism

Socialism started in the 20th century in about 60% of the world. Many of the large countries embraced socialism. By the end of the 20th century, it had essentially died. Reagan said it had been relegated to the ash heap of history. Today, however, we are seeing a revival of socialism. Socialism has never been in the mainstream of America in the past. Yet it is here today.

Today the mainstream of the Democrat Party has embraced socialist ideas. We are dealing with a new approach to selling socialism. Today’s socialists are distancing themselves from the failures and tyranny of the past. They are claiming they are the new and improved socialism of today. Changed, updated, but the same old socialist name you knew and loved. Socialism today means never having to say you are sorry.

Socialists say you can disregard history, you can forget about history. Don’t worry about the 100 million people killed in peacetime by socialist policies. Don’t worry that Socialism is the most discredited idea since slavery. In fact, it actually is slavery in the tyranny it has imposed every time it has been tried.

What would you say to someone who said slavery was always kind of a good idea? What would you say if they said it’s just that the implementation was flawed… this time we’ll get it right? Is that acceptable?

Disregarding history, fact and current events

The proliferation of Socialism is going on all around us. Young people in particular have that infection. Socialism is a form of idealism. It looks great on paper. But when the rubber meets the road socialism drives straight to tyranny in a very short time.  How is it we are unaware of socialist history? How is it we are willing to ignore socialism in the present. There are examples around.

Socialism being pursued in America today is identity socialism. It is very close to Venezuelan socialism. Democrats deny this and claim they are following Scandinavian Socialists. But, the Scandinavians are capitalists in wealth creation. They are socialist in wealth distribution.

The Scandinavians never kill the goose that lays the golden egg. They have low corporate tax rates. There is no minimum wage. They have much less regulation. There is no wealth tax. They have no inheritance tax. The kind of financial transaction fees proposed by Sanders and Warren do not exist. The Scandinavians want to create a big pie.

When they distribute the pie they impose the burden on the whole society. They have high tax rates, 50% at $70,000 of income. The Scandinavians do not punish the rich. They do not rob from the rich and give to the poor to buy votes. Finland tried universal basic income. It did not work. The Finns got rid of it.

The American Left says they want to be Scandinavian Socialists but they are not following that model. They are actually following the Venezuelan model more closely. If we are going Scandinavian Socialist why don’t the Democrat policies follow the Scandinavian model? Think about it… Who’s kidding who here?