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Virus Socialism and Climate Socialism have a lot in Common

Contain the spread - of Socialism

Climate fearmongering makes for a nice parallel to virus-fearmongering. Virus Socialism and Climate Socialism have a lot in common. Too much, actually.

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The goal of climate fearmongering is economic socialism.  The purpose of virus socialism is nearly identical – total government control. When people joke about this being our 30-day 60-day trial of socialism, it’s funny, but it’s not. Look at the similarities.

  • The projections (or models) are abysmally inaccurate.
  • When this becomes too obvious to hide, even with the help of the corporate media,  they move the goalposts.
  • Anyone who dares to doubt the sincerity of the State’s response, its intentions, the experts, or the data used (or the media coverage) is pilloried.
  • Dissent, when possible, is silenced.

The goal is not cooling or reducing the infection rate; the goal is socialism. Public health has nothing to do with it. Every mention by a Democrat of the phrase public health or public safety, or lives saved, should be followed by a rim shot. 

From addressing climate chaos to common-sense gun laws, to “flattening the curve” lives and safety are the furthest things from their minds. 

And still, they come back at you with “you want people to die.” Or, my favorite, in the looming shadow of virus socialism, “how many deaths is acceptable?

To answer the question, from car accidents, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic abuse, bathroom slips and falls, “knife crime,” or the murders in those socialism beta-test facilities (big Democrat-run cities), the answer is zero. Not one death is acceptable. They are all tragic but inevitable and not just accepted but dismissed under Democrat rule.

Sorry, that’s not entirely true. Death is an excuse for more socialism. Absent that service it is dismissed.

Is that why Democrats are surrounded by death? It follows them everywhere they go. And I don’t just mean abortion. Some of the most violent cities on the planet gave up liberty for security because Democrats promised it would make them safer and that it would save lives. (rim shot!)

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They got the opposite. And this does not dissuade them from their goals. The global socialists are still at it, combining a few of their favorite things in the pursuit of health and safety socialism.

Just this week, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said

“These are dark days, but they are not without hope,” Guterres said. “We have a rare and short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better.”

In practically the same breath, the head of the UN claimed that we need ‘‘‘‘brave, visionary, and collaborative leadership.” What kind of leadership? The sort of leadership that lead to the Paris Climate Accord. A ground-breaking historical treaty that would kneecap the American economy to the benefit of most of the rest of the world. For what would, at best, amount to less than one-half of one degree of cooling by the end of the century. Maybe. If the schemers can even be believed and they cannot.

Their climate models can’t predict next year, so is it any surprise that the globalist world government virus models were worse than the climate models? But this is not a reason to abandon the response socialism.

‘Stay the course.’ Don’t rush. Heck, let’s double-down. Destroy small business and the supply chain until there nothing left of the free market except a few big corporations who, along with Big government, will be ‘forced’ to step in and pick up the pieces for the ‘good of the people.

And our reward for being frightened into accepting virus socialism (and in many places the police state enforcement it has fostered) will be the long-awaited addition of climate socialism.

It’s not all bad. If we had a Democrat in the oval office, we’d be there now, or damn close – all under the same boot together.

We don’t want to be there. It will cost us more lives than any virus. But we’re close. Damn close.

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