Oppression is the Product of Democrat Leadership, Destruction an Expression of their Politics - Granite Grok

Oppression is the Product of Democrat Leadership, Destruction an Expression of their Politics

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Democrats may not have realized how badly they’ve screwed up. By replacing economic inequality with racial inequality (to advance Marxism), they have created a ruling class ethic to which most of them can never belong.

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Class struggle, differences in income (regardless of effort) are (historically) the tip of the spear for advancing Democrat Socialism. And while these ideas continue to pepper the Democrat party wish list (living wage, one-percenter bashing, wealth inequality, etc.) party leadership had to accept that this would not get them there from here.

Tribalism or identity politics became the dividing force. It’s dogma took over the University system. Journalism schools, Law schools, and Ed schools pumped out educated elites who would spread the faith into legislation, education, and mass media.

Race and gender politics became the foundational narrative of division girded by the idea that white male colonialism was to blame for everything that ever went wrong to anyone, ever!

The result was a powder keg the Democrats have been trying to light for years. Past attempts had fizzled out, but Geroge Floyd’s tragic death appears to have gotten things going. Sports teams, corporations, politicians, and the general public are running for cover and bowing down to appease a well-funded race-based Marxist movement.

The Left is happy with their success. Our nation is on fire. People are scared. And thanks to the media narratives surrounding COVID19 many are self-suppressing their natural rights and liberties. But there’s a problem. The Black Marxists they got in bed with are just as interested in purging white people as they are ideological opponents. In other words, the vehicle of the revolution that white Democrats have long tried to get started will probably – at some point – roll over them.

And isn’t that ironic. Dems fostered most, if not all, of the anti-white narratives. Lovingly nurtured the identity politics curriculums and encouraged black radical theology, and now they have a problem.

The white sixties radicals who poisoned the wells of every American institution they touched are knee-deep in their own water, and the water is rising. The race war they felt they needed to move the country left for good is just as inclined to take them out as it is any other descendent of colonialism.

I’m not sure if that explains their rush to offer tribute (reparations) or if that’s just the white guilt talking. Whatever it is, white Liberals – who never gave a damn about black lives unless they could win them more political power are in a pickle.

If they lose in November (let’s say, badly), all they will have to show is a bunch of burned-out cities in which no one wants to live. Places whose “oppression” was a product of their leadership and whose destruction is an expression of their politics. In the absence of national power, they can do nothing but try to put out the fire they started with little help from anyone they tried to destroy or even the people they claimed they were trying to help.