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More Nitwittery on the Minimum Wage; This Time from Mary Wilke of Concord

Bull in a china shop

If YOU think employers should be paying a “living wage” by manipulating the minimum wage, go ahead and start your own company and pay MORE than that minimum wage. Go ahead, I dare you.

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We are in a time when the State is still recovering from the Government-created economic recession. And make no mistake, State Government (thank you, Governer Sununu) broke it BADLY. We have double-digit unemployment and businesses that are not allowed to open up to full capacity. And you want to pay people more than they are economically worth.

There, I said it.  Not everyone is worth that arbitrary living wage-price of labor to an employer.

To force employers to pay more for an unskilled worker at the bottom of the employee ladder is downright stupid but Mary Wilke and the rest of the sponsors of HB731 demand it.

Sidenote: they are Rep. Schultz, Merr. 18; Rep. King, Hills. 33; Rep. Read, Rock. 17; Rep. Conley, Straf. 13; Rep. T. Smith, Hills. 17; Rep. Josephson, Graf. 11; Rep. Ellison, Merr. 27; Rep. Bunker, Rock. 18; Rep. Frost, Straf. 16. And if the latter, Sherry Frost, is considered to be the bright bulb in the lot on this, we’re all doomed.

They think it’s BRILLIANT!

But it’s just virtue signaling because THEY don’t have any skin in someone else’s game.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. It is turning businesses into an outer welfare Arm of the Government. Talk about cost-shifting!  I am sure that they aren’t watching the low-skill jobs being replaced by automation in any number of different fields (that we have written about in the past). So, just like the “Fight for $15,” this will hurt those that it portends to help.

I like that line from Grokster Ann Marie’s post:

“The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, ‘See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.”

But this is what happens when busybody Socialists believe they are helping “the oppressed” and Mary Wilkes is right there with Rev. John Gregory-Davis.  From her Letter to the Editor in the Concord Illiberal Fishwrap,

Thank you, Rev. John Gregory-Davis, for your “My Turn” reminding politicians that essential workers need more than words of praise (Monitor Opinion, June 22). Last year, Gov. Sununu vetoed a bill that would have helped many of them in a more tangible way, by raising the minimum wage to $10 through 2022 and then to $12. A similar bill (HB 731), now in the Legislature, will likely be on his desk soon.

Oh, so saying “Thank you” can only be done by forcing others to give more money to other people on your say-so? And who are these other-others?

According to MIT’s calculator, a living wage for a single New Hampshire adult with no children is $12.61; for an adult with one child it’s $26.72. They define living wage as “a minimum subsistence wage” just on the edge of poverty.

Sigh. This is what happens when the racist based minimum wage was put in place AND people forget why it started. Mix in vaporous Social Justice aspirations that suggest this is supposed to provide a family with a middle-class standard of living. NO, Mary Wilkes, the minimum wage was never meant to be that – minimum wage (IF you accept that Government meddling in this is acceptable just like the way Government has screwed up (screwed over?) healthcare; it certainly hasn’t “flattened the curve” in that area after more than a decade of working at it – catch a pattern here???) was to be an entry-level wage. The very bottom where employees are to learn to learn the basics of being in the marketplace: be neat, be on time, do your job, put in the (MICROAGRESSION ALERT FOR YOU SQUEAMISH SJWs out there!)  hard work  AND THEN BETTER YOURSELF to get a higher wage so as to be able to afford a family.

Got that? Get skills, earn more, THEN have a family. In that order. But I’m being an Oppressor just for stating the obvious. Oh, I’ll throw in the GET MARRIED BEFORE CHILDREN bit as well; don’t be a Playa (is that word even used any more guys that impregnate girl after girl and don’t support his kids after the fact?).

But does she even mention that? Read on:

Right now, in the absence of a state minimum wage, New Hampshire employers must pay the federal minimum: $7.25 per hour. At that rate, a parent of one child working three full-time jobs would still not have a living wage.

Are they entitled to a living wage, Mary? And what, again, are you REALLY doing about it other than tossing off some words? Are you hiring anyone to pay more on a regular 40 hour work week? Are you paying full benefits? A family medical plan can run $20K on top of that so-called living wage?  Are you down for your complete contribution to that as well?  Naw, didn’t think so.

For those who count on the free market to resolve this issue, I ask: How has that worked out? All boats have not risen; shocking income inequalities increase by the day. And taxpayers continue to subsidize food, housing, and other basic needs of those workers whose employers won’t pay them enough to live.

It’s working out exactly as it should – NO one should feel that they are entitled to anything – it’s illiberals like you that are selfish enough to take money out of other peoples’ pockets that are the problem. And no, we don’t HAVE a “free market” because of meddling economic nincompoops as yourself that feel all free to busybody / boss other people around. Congrats, you’re an economic Karen.

But before Government crashed our economy (it seems like so long ago but it was just 5 months ago), employers were BEGGING for employees and starting wages were rising all by themselves as those employers competed with each other for scarce resources – employees. The fettered market (certainly not “free” if you really look at the thousands of words of regulations, fees, taxes, and fines someone who WANTS to hire folks have to navigate) was doing EXACTLY what it was supposed to do – resource allocation.

And then, I remind you again, Govt broke it all – the Bull in the china shop.

The minimum wage proposed by HB 731 is far from adequate, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. I urge Gov. Sununu to either sign it or demonstrate, by example, how a single full-time worker, much less a parent with children, can possibly survive on $7.25 an hour.


Answer me this – why should Government be interfering in the first place? And if you are so concerned, start your own company. Let’s us know how it works out when you figure out that for every employee you are paying more than they are economically worth, you’re losing money.

Remember, a job exists for one and only one reason – to make the owners a profit on their investment. If you employ people that are LOSING you money with every hour they work, you’ve failed to learn that lesson.

But Socialist Progressives never learn.