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Major Retailers Walk Back Mask Mandates They Just Put in Place

CVS mask mandate graphic

Mask wearing is not something that should be mandated. We’ve said that from early on, you decide what works for you, your circumstances. But the pressure (professional and Political) reached a head and over a matter of days, as major retailers announced mask mandates in their stores. Now, they are walking them back.

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“…many companies are walking back their mask mandates following several highly publicized incidents centered around wearing face coverings.

Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other nationwide retailers said they would serve customers even if they violate mask mandates, according to CNN. The change in policy is to prevent confrontations between customers and employees.”

Skip mentioned the heckler’s veto earlier today. His example was a mob response directed at one politician. This is like that, but different. People who, for whatever reason (I have my own) can’t or won’t wear a mask, are getting angry and causing problems – not like a mob at one outlet but all over the country.

Why? There is no place for them to go where they can shop without a mask they do not need or do not want. The frustration, after months of frustrations, quarantines, closed businesses, politically unemployed by state emergency orders, and then – when things look like they are turning around, Bam! The crap storm is back even though hospitalizations and deaths are not unusual.

They take it personally. They want the freedom to assume the risk (regardless of what anyone thinks that means), and no one will let them do that. Hey, if all the people living in fear have a mask on why would you need one?

That has not stopped corporate America from quivering at the prospect of being sued for being the point of infection. That’s about it (IMO). The Political a**holes and their media dogs have put the fear of death in a majority of hearts and minds and left job creators and business owners without any immunity.

McDonald’s will begin a mask mandate Aug 1st, complete with de-escalation training. Seriously? Would it not be easier just not to do that? Post a notice – we recommend and leave it at that.

No, for all the reasons mentioned. The ruling class has left them swinging in the breeze deliberately, and they are just trying to stay open for business.

Until sanity returns, and there is no guarantee it will, there will be no herd-immunity to the threat to lawsuits. And retailers will have to find a way to adapt. Walking back the mandates is one way, with – I assume – the expectation that a majority of people will comply.

How sad is that?