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It’s Make America Great vs. Make Government Grate

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I’d like to thank Democrats for being so accommodating. Whether we mean the local, state, or federal Democrats in elected office, the contrast is much the same. Republicans want to make citizens great while Democrats want to make big government greater (and more grating).

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I’ll use New Hampshire as a microcosm of the national comparison to keep things simple.

If we wanted to label the left in the Granite State with a unifying slogan, all we need to do is look at what they do and say they want. After beating up on job creators and employees for months, one of their biggest priorities is to Make Taxes Greater Again.

No income for you, followed by their taking more by raising taxes. The punishment for being punished is more punishment.

I know they’ll say we need to raise taxes to help people, but short of the few people need a helping hand and should get it there is no ladder to success on the public dole. It’s not a career path and tax hikes only make prosperity harder to come by and less likely to happen for anyone who is not IN government (which, Pro-Tip, is entirely the point).

The alternative to this modern-day Hegelian tragedy is to make job creators great again. Free up even more of their capital and get government out of the way. Instead of taking their money to create poorly performing job programs, let them keep more of their money when they hire and train people on the job to get some skill the marketplace needs. And surprise, that sort of strategy actually increases tax revenues.

Elected Democrats hate that.

From top to bottom, that party doesn’t trust job creators or employees (or anyone) to make the right choices for themselves. It is true in DC or Concord.

We need to take it back. Take back America and take back New Hampshire. And hey, they’ll still end up with a bit more revenue than they deserve but there has never been a better time to end this.

It’s your money. Invest it or donate it (to the government, if you want). But stop the fiscal abuse. They can have a few bucks for roads, bridges, a few cops, firefighters, some essential local services, and not much else.

Don’t worry about the teachers; they’ll all find work in the new post-Covid online-remote, homeschooled education economy, and it’s the only real way to get your local property taxes to go down. No, Democrats are not interested in lower property taxes in NH – you can’t increase spending (which they want) and lower tax burden so that scam is just a shell game designed to hide the incline in your total tax bill. Don’t buy into it. Opt-out.

Vote Democrats out of office and keep them out, so we can make New Hampshire and America, Great Again!