Don't Gather for the 4th of July Unless it is to Protest the 4th of July - Granite Grok

Don’t Gather for the 4th of July Unless it is to Protest the 4th of July

Dont gather for independence day unless you are protesting it

COVID19 is of such grave concern to the left that they are cautioning ‘Americans’ not to gather to celebrate independence day unless you are gathering to protest it, then, by all means, as you were.

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On the same day that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) posted a series of warnings to residents about maintaining mandated social distancing measures, including wearing face masks and avoiding gatherings with “anybody except for those you live with,” the Los Angeles Police Department posted a photograph of thousands gathered in the city for a social justice protest.

Feel the urge to join a mass gathering, a picnic, a large get-together of some kind that is a threat to the nation’s health. You want to kill grandma! If you were thinking about toppling some statues, forming up to march here or there in protest, maybe exercise a bit of looting, assault, vandalism, or other acceptable forms of expression from the left, get to it.

“LAPD is monitoring a peaceful protest between City Hall and the Hall of Justice,” Commanding Officer Rick Stabile tweeted Wednesday along with an image of thousands gathered for the protest. “Please adhere to social distancing protocols,” Stabile added.

They’re probably planning to rename it Dependence Day when a sliver of fringe radicals dragged the rest of America under the totalitarian boot of the professional left.

“This is a critical time in our fight against COVID-19. Beaches, piers, and beach bike paths in the City and County of L.A. will be closed from Friday, July 3 to Monday, July 6.”

It is a critical time, that is true, but the threat is not from COVID19, it is from people like Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Virus Socialists on the Left.

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